Information for partners

To the attention of the partners of the Center for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support of NaUKMA

We will be happy to work with general secondary schools and education departments, OTG families and youth, because we have practical programs for professional development of teachers to develop resilience and prevent burnout, as well as programs for the development of stress resistance of children of all ages.

We invite pedagogical universities to cooperate, because we have in the near future to develop and pilot training programs for the development of stress resistance in future teachers and practical psychologists.

We are interested in cooperating with organizations, dealing with mental health issues, to implement an effective customer redirection system.

We are ready to act as partners in the implementation of state programs for the development of mental health, conducting research on these issues.

We invite the organization to cooperate, who take care of social protection of veterans, migrants and their families, we can offer individual and group psychological therapy for adults and children.


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