Appeal to corporate clients

We offer comprehensive solutions for organizations to develop a mental health care system for employees

Our advantages:

  • Leader of innovation in the field of mental health in Ukraine
  • Research. Training. Development and implementation of mental health systems in business organizations, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations
  • Partner of world research institutes - Johns Hopkins University, London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Norway Akershus University Hospital, Boston Medical University, UNICEF, USAID, International Medical Corps, Malteser International
  • 70 consultants in Ukraine, working with individual patients, children, teenagers, families, veterans
  • Online counseling and training, Center for individual and group work in Kiev and Pokrovsk

Our understanding of the needs of corporate clients:

  • Employees experience intense emotions, both positive and negative, which "shakes" their mental state
  • Those, working for a long time, emotionally burn out
  • Crises (war, covid, macroeconomic crises) exacerbate existing emotional difficulties

All this leads to problems in performing professional tasks, conflicts in interaction with colleagues and management, loss of interest in work

According to the WHO, everyone in the world 4 a person suffers from mental problems, in Ukraine it is everyone 3 man. Depression, anxiety, emotional burnout reduces a person's ability to perform their daily tasks.

Decision, which we offer:

Together with people team organizations, we build models to support mental health, which:

  • Based on data from Ukrainian and international studies
  • They consist of products with proven effectiveness
  • Complex - we involve coordinated teams of specialists of different profiles, who are constantly collaborating together
  • Environmental - reduces the stigma of talking about mental health in the workplace
  • Include online and offline format

Our key products:

Productive Thinking Training

helps participants:

  1. Master one skill - the skill of auxiliary thinking (cognitive restructuring)
  2. Assess your own condition after stress using a diagnostic screening device

The methodology of short online training and screening was developed on the basis of scientific research of the Center for Mental Health of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in cooperation with Johns Hopkins University.


6-8 training participants / 2-hourly online training / follow-up program


  • Participants from different cities and countries
  • Suitable for all employees, there is no need to talk about your psychological problems openly
  • Effectively reduces the level of daily stress
  • The formed skill makes it easier to master potential new stressful situations
  • Allows you to identify those employees, who need additional individual psychotherapy, and offers them a solution

Individual consultations, coaching

Helps participants:

  • Identify personal problems, which should be worked on
  • Make an individual plan of psychotherapy
  • Assess progress in six months / year and adjust development plan

1 once every six months -1,5 hours / consultation of a top expert

Individual psychotherapy

Helps participants:

  • Significantly reduce the symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, alcohol abuse, aggression (on 50%, according to a study in Ukraine)
  • Significantly improve the level of performance of work tasks and overall functioning (on 25% percent, according to a study in Ukraine)
  • Determine the progress made


5 – 10 consultations / 1 -2 hours per week / consultants trained and certified by Johns Hopkins University (USA) and Kyiv-Mohyla Academy / flexible schedule / confidentiality of personal information


  • Participants from different cities and countries
  • Fast effect
  • Proven effectiveness
  • Each client is led by a clinical team of counselor and supervisor
  • Possibility of additional medical / psychiatric support if necessary

For detailed information and cooperation with us, please contact the head of the organization Sergei Bogdanov:
+38 066 0304020


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