"Safe Space" program


is a psychosocial support program for schools and kindergartens, developed by psychologists of the Mental Health Center of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. The program is built on scientifically based recommendations, recognized internationally, and on the practical experience of the authors' work with preschoolers, schoolchildren, their parents and teachers, who were in the zone of military conflict. "Safe space" is successfully implemented with 2015 year.

The purpose of the program  

— to increase children's resistance to experiencing the consequences of stress after psychotraumatic events and to provide effective psychological assistance to children, who have symptoms of psychological trauma.

300 000+

have already received support within the program for the entire time

80 000+

received support within the program for 2022-2023 years


studied in the program for 2022-2023 years

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studied in the program for 2022-2023 years

schools from all over Ukraine

took part in the program at 2022-2023 years

Program components: 

1. Building a positive psychological climate in the classroom

This component of the program involves teacher training, where we provide knowledge and tools, so that the teacher can independently take care of his own psychological resources, students' emotional state and trust in the classroom.  
The teacher is offered three key tools for building a positive climate in the classroom:
– use of game elements in education,
– skills of sharing and emotional dialogue,
– developmental feedback.

2. Group work with children, who have symptoms of psychosocial stress 

This component of the program involves training school psychologists in the methods of creating a safe environment and resistance to stress in children.

In the group correctional program, school psychologists provide assistance to children, who have symptoms of psychosocial stress, depression and anxiety.

3. Group work with parents

This component of the program involves a series of trainings for parents. The task of these trainings is to organize a supportive space for parents, where they can replenish their own resources, acquire new knowledge and skills, to better understand your child, nurture your natural parenting instinct and boost your self-confidence.

4. Professional growth and emotional support of teachers

This program component provides 4 steps: 
– Development of self-help skills under stress
– Mastering the skills of supporting colleagues in stress
– Organization of meetings of teachers in the format of "Open dialogues" for professional discussion of difficult situations, 
– Supervision and professional coaching – teachers can receive an individual consultation or a series of consultations regarding a difficult situation with children, parents and other teachers to a specialist with appropriate qualifications.


An online course has also been developed within the program.
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for teachers, social pedagogues and school psychologists 

We invite you to cooperate: 

Organizations, who deal with mental health issues

We are open to discussing joint projects to support mental health in the field of education.

Educational organizations

We offer training for your specialists – teachers and psychologists.

United territorial communities

We offer a training program for local centers for the professional development of teachers, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine


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